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How to use

Granules to spinkle on your food 

Pouder for your juices and smoothies

Blue Eco Farm : Spirulina Sprinkles
Blue Eco Farm : Spirulina Tablet
Blue Eco Farm : Spirulina Powder

Tablets to swallow

Daily intake 

Daily intake

The recommended daily dose is about 3 grams, equivalent to a tablespoon for granules or a teaspoon for the powder; however, because spirulina is a superfood, there is no need to weigh it to have strict or exact doses.

Adjust your daily intake according to your needs & feelings. You may even go up to 10g daily for 10-15 on days when you're preparing for a sports challenge. 


Best to take it at breakfast or lunchtime to enjoy its energizing effect for the whole day 😉 


You usually feel the benefits after 3 to 4 weeks of daily intake. 

Blue Eco Farm : Spirulina powder
Blue Eco Farm : Spirulina Sprinkles

A few recommendations to fully enjoy the benefits of spirulina: 

  • Start gradually! Since spirulina has a detoxifying effect, some people may experience slight gastrointestinal disturbances, nausea, or headaches during the first days of intake. First, try taking half a spoon only for three (3) days, and then gradually increase your consumption to your maximum level for as long as you don’t feel any more inconvenience.  

  • Don’t cook your spirulina! High temperatures will destroy the nutritional benefits of spirulina, so make sure to preserve all its vitamins and proteins by taking it raw or as is. 

  • Don’t take spirulina together with coffee or tea! Thein & caffeine decrease iron absorption. If you are a tea or coffee lover, you may wait two (2) hours between spirulina intake to enjoy your favorite drinks. Vitamin C helps in iron absorption, so take spirulina with fruits, tomatoes, or even “malungay” (moringa leaves). 

Spirulina Sprinkles
Spirulina Smoothie
Spirulina Tablet


Spirulina granules  is our favorite form of spirulina. This form is processed the least and therefore preserves the most nutritional content.  


Moreover, granular spirulina is very easy to use! Just sprinkle one tablespoon of spirulina onto your food: on your rice, pasta, egg, or any meal! 


Spirulina is perfect in salads, giving them crunchiness, flavor, and texture. Combined with avocado, yogurt, and cheese or topped onto your fruit salad with a touch of honey, spirulina will give you the health benefits your body has needed or wanted.  


Fact about granules: Only an artisanal production can produce spirulina granules. Our Blue Eco Farm spirulina is slowly dried at low temperatures (below 45°) to preserve all the benefits of the spirulina. Giant industrial farms in China, India, and the US use the spray-drying technique to dry large quantities of spirulina. The obtained powder is fine, and the taste and odor of spirulina are changed. 


Once you have tasted artisanal spirulina, you won’t be able to consume an industrial one! 

Spirulina powder is the form for your juices and smoothies. 

Subtle in taste, it is perfect with all kinds of fruits.The C vitamin from the fresh fruits will help your body absorb spirulina iron.  

Our powder comes from our slowly dried granules and retains all spirulina benefits.

Spirulina tablets are supplements for swallowing with a glass of water or a fresh fruit juice.

At 350 mg each, our tablets are small and easy to consume.


Remember, eight (8) Blue Eco Farm tablets will provide you with 2.8 g of spirulina. 

Choose according to your taste and habits. 😉 

 All our spirulina granules, powder or tablets are 100% spirulina. (no binder).  

How we use Spirulina granules

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